About Us

Who We Are?

Humane Possum Removal Canberra: We are available to provide possum removal Canberra service in an emergency as well as in normal conditions. Our local possum removal Canberra team is experienced and uses proven techniques to trap and relocate the possum. Our possum control treatment will give you the best outcomes. Also, we do not harm the possums and safely catch and relocate them. We are certified by the government for possum removal services in Canberra.

Our Solutions and Services

Our possum removal services are available at the most affordable price. Here are our solutions and services:

  • Setting up one or more cages and fruits in a cage
  • We leave them in a safer zone after capture
  • By Law, we can not go them more than 50 meters away from catching sites
  • We provide multiple visits for complete relief
  • We fence the roof and garden area to stop possums
  • Dead possum removal

How Do We Deal With Your Problems?

Possum Inspection: If you have a sign of a possum in your home, then call our expert team for a possum inspection. We will thoroughly inspect your place and let you know about the size of the infestation and its causes.

Possum Catching And Relocation: Possums can attack humans in their defense. We use the latest and safest traps to catch possums and release them to a safer zone.

Fencing: We offer fencing services to stop possums at affordable prices. We can fence your roof, garden, chimney, etc.

Our Skills and Certifications

Humane Possum Removal Canberra holds a prime position in the Canberra possum control industry. We have been providing our exceptional possum removal service for more than 2 decades now. Canberra has a high population of Possums, and the team at Humane Possum Removal is well-equipped to deal with them. Let us see how:

  • We know what possums love and hate and their sizes
  • We know about cages fit to catch possums
  • Certificate III In pest management
  • Associated with wildlife caretakers in Canberra

Why Canberra Love Us For Possum Removal

We have lakhs of clients in Canberra who believe in us whenever they need a safe and best possum removal service. Also, with every passing year, we have improvised our services. Some other reasons why Canberra loves us are:

  • Services As Per The Law
  • Timely Emergency Services  
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Services Canberra-Wide  
  • Professional Team 
  • 24/7 Service
  • Our Experience In This Business  
  • Dedication To Service 
  • Satisfaction On Priority

Available Canberra Wide

We never fail to give satisfactory possum removal services Canberra-wide. Our company aims to help clients get rid of possums hassle-free and safely. Our dedicated team is working hard to achieve the aim. Also, we use cutting-edge technology to remove possums. Whether you are in Canberra or its suburbs, you can get the best help from our team.