How To Stop Possum From Nesting On Your Garden Tree

Even though possums are not as serious a problem as rodents or raccoons, they can be a nuisance. They are not dangerous for humans unless provoked, but they can cause trouble if they nest on your garden tree. Thus safe possum removal is essential. In addition, you cannot kill a possum as it is illegal to kill them. On the other hand, you should not want to share your property with possums because they create a mess. While they can benefit your garden by eating pests, they might also eat your crop of vegetables and fruits or trample over your plant. This post will teach you how to stop possums from nesting on your garden tree.

How To Stop Possum From Nesting On Your Garden Tree

Signs Of Possum Infestation

Possums leave tell-tail signs from where they go. All we need is to investigate over garden area properly to ensure the presence of possums. Signs of possums to look out for are as follows:

  • Noises- Possums make ripping, scratching and scuttling noises as they build their nest. The sounds are also not confined to one particular area, so you will most likely hear them whenever they are moving around.
  • Droppings And Urine- Possums leave large droppings all over the area where they live. Their urine and feces cause an unpleasant smell. So if you notice an irregular smell then it is because of possums invasion in your garden area.
  • Trees And Flower Damage In The Garden Area- Possums love to munch on plants. As a result, you notice broken branches, bare branches with only a couple of leaves left on them, chewed leaves, and more. It is probably because a possum is rampaging through the garden.
  • Chewed Mark On Nets- Like other rodents, Possums love chewing things. If you noticed chew marks then be aware and check the reason behind it. For this, you can take help from professional possum catcher companies.

How To Keep Possums Away From Your Garden Trees

Prevention is better than cure. This proverb really works. If you want possum proof garden then there are many remedies and ways you can use to protect your garden trees:

  • Barriers- Physical barriers are helpful to keep these nuisance creatures at bay. Possum-proof fencing is made by constructing a 2.5 m high wire fence that is topped with a length of floppy wire that makes it impossible for possums to climb into the garden area and make nesting on the garden tree.
  • Usage Of Electronic Repellent- Nowadays numerous electronic repellents are easily available in the market. These repellents are eco-friendly and provide you with consistent results. By using this you can make your garden tree a less welcoming place.
  • Use Bait And Cage For Trapping The Possums- For these nocturnal pests, you can set up the trap and bait the. As we all know killing possums is against the law. Thus trap them and release them away from your property. For making trapping easy you can use food items such as jam, peanut butter, overripe fruit, and many more.
  • Garlic Spray- Consider mixing two tablespoons of crushed garlic with a litre of boiling water, letting it soak for the night, straining it, and then misting your foliage with the solution. This also functions with Tabasco sauce or chillies.
  • Use Possum Deter Plants- Plant trees and shrubs that possums dislike such as grevilleas, tea trees, daisies, and chrysanthemums.
  • Physical Deterrents- Place possum-proof clear plastic bands around the tree trunks, making climbing more difficult without spoiling.
  • Install A Possum Box- By providing a safe, cozy alternative somewhere in your garden in the form of a purpose-built possum box, you can still offer a warm weather-proof home- not just yours!
  • Trim Trees And Branches- Possums can only leap up and sideways; they are not very good at long-distance down jumping. You can lessen the probability of them getting close to your home by cutting branches that provide them with a ladder up to your garden tree and a platform to leap from above.
  • Secure your compost and Rubbish Bins- Even decaying food is loved by possums. If your cherished vegetable patch is stocked with tasty herbs and crunchy vegetables and you utilize compost in your gardening, possums will be welcome to stop by for dinner. Your beloved vegetable patch will be just as appealing to them. Put a large brick on the lid of the trash or compost bin, or secure it with a latch that possums cannot open, to deter them from foraging through them.


Hope this blog helps you to provide the necessary information through which you can save your garden from possums. By following some simple tricks you can easily deter these nuisances away. In case your possum problem is not handled by you then without delay ask for help from skilled possum catchers. Professionals can give you satisfactory results by not harming possums or your property.