Possum Removal Methods

Committed to Sustainable Possum Removal: Our Eco-Friendly Approach

At Humane Possum Removal Canberra, we take great care to ensure that our methods for possum removal are both effective and environmentally friendly. We aim to humanely remove possums from your property while protecting their natural habitat.

One of the most effective ways of possum removal from roof, ceiling, backyard, etc. is using humane traps. These traps allow you to capture the possum without harming it and then release it in a nearby wooded area. Be sure to check with your local wildlife agency to ensure that it is legal to trap possums in your area and get advice on the best type of trap to use.

Another technique that can be used to deter possums from your property is to make it less attractive to them. Possums are drawn to areas with plenty of food and shelter, so removing food and shelter sources can help reduce their presence on your property. This can include securing trash cans, cleaning up fallen fruit, and trimming trees and bushes that provide shelter.

You can also use repellents to discourage possums from coming onto your property. Several natural repellents are effective, including peppermint oil, vinegar, and citrus peel. These can be applied to garden beds, trash cans, and other areas where possums are commonly found.

Lastly, possums are generally shy animals and will avoid humans, so simply making your presence known in your garden by talking or singing will be enough to make them leave.

Different Safe Options We Provide For Possum Removal

Possum boxes are structures designed to provide a safe and secure shelter for possums and other marsupials. They are typically installed in a location that is safe from predators and near a source of food and water. Installing possum boxes can be a beneficial way to help protect and conserve possums and other marsupials in your area. You can get the installation in the following way. 

  • Possum box installation on a tree
  • Possum box installation on the roof
  • Possum box installation in your garden
  • Possum box installation in your backyard
  • Possum box installation underdeck
  • Possum nesting box installation

We Can Remove Any Possum In Three Steps

  1. Inspection: We inspect the area and find the most suitable place for setting the cages, boxes or traps. 
  2. Trapping: We wait and watch the trapping of possums. We do not force them to enter the trap. 
  3. Relocation: We pack them in safe boxes and relocate them to their safe habitat which may be nearby forest areas. 

Possum Prevention Guide 

  • Inspect the property for potential entry points and areas of attraction for possums and other pests
  • Seal and proof all identified entry points using durable materials
  • Check and repair any damage to the roof, including ridge capping, tiles, and corrugated iron
  • Examine eaves, roofs, and other areas for potential entry points and make necessary repairs
  • Use baiting and trapping for the control of rats and other pests that may accompany a possum infestation
  • Manage ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure that the pests do not return
  • Exclude permanently open areas such as sub-floors and chimneys

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