Under Deck Possum Removal

Plan Your Under Deck Possum Removal With Us

Possums have a distinctive appearance, with white, grey, or brown bodies, long tails, protruding eyes, sharp teeth, and pointed noses. You can book our Under Deck Possum Removal team if you need ethical trapping and relocation services. Call us anytime.

Make sure your state allows possum trapping and relocation. In many states, if you catch a possum, you must leave it immediately. Make sure you are prepared to do the work necessary for a successful catch and release if it is legal.

Some people buy a trap that’s too small because they don’t know what size they’re trying to catch, only to find they have to flip it or buy a larger trap. Use a trap that is 12 inches wide and at least 32 inches long.

Under Deck Possum Removal

How Can You Catch Possums Easily?

  • Use the right lure

Apples should be mixed with cat food or fish as bait for the trap. Because possums love sweetness, even marshmallows will attract possums. Other insects or feral cats can be trapped if the wrong insect is baited.

  • Check the trap frequently

You must check the trap frequently so that you can remove them as soon as possible. 

Benefits Of Calling Our Under Deck Possum Removal Professionals

  • Professionals get the job done right the first time

Even if they are difficult to reach, the best way is to have them located and safely removed by an expert. Also, our expert services ensure that access points are controlled and blocked to prevent the same problems from happening again.

  • Professionals will avoid more accidents

As we all know, they continue to cause problems. Our experts are trained to keep these creatures away from your premises. Hiring them will allow you to stay away from them in the future due to their long-term response to the eradication of the species.

  • Possum experts 

Trying to fall asleep in the dark and listening to unusual sounds coming from your attic can be incredibly disturbing. This noise is produced by scaring away possums. Our possum removal experts can provide you with reliable services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a possum look like?

Possums, which are generally smaller than cats or small dogs, have long, hairless, prehensile tails that serve as a fifth limb for climbing trees. They also have narrow muzzles and small eyes. They have more teeth than any other mammal on earth, and their body is covered in greyish-white fur. Possums are expert climbers due to their prehensile tails, sharp claws, and opposable thumbs on their hind legs.

What is the possum’s habitat?

Possums are native to the forests and swamps of Australia, but due to their omnivorous scavenger habits, they blend in well in the suburbs and cities. They sometimes build their homes in empty attics, garages, sheds, or under porches but prefer to nest in tree cavities or abandoned animal burrows. Possums live alone unless caring for the young and are almost entirely nocturnal.

How much does it cost to control a possum?

Prices may vary depending on the type of service you choose or the number of possums you wish to remove. You no longer need to wonder how much opossum removal costs because we have a base fee of $380 + tax for possum removal services.

Are possums dangerous to people or things?

Possum damage is more severe in gardens, where fruits and vegetables are served to marsupials. Additionally, they will eat unattended pet food that has been left out overnight and will search compost piles or garbage cans for leftover food. Additionally, the possum has been observed to enter poultry houses and destroy eggs, nests, and birds.