Possum Noise In Ceiling – What Sounds And Noises Does A Possum Make?

Possums are native animals that are loudest. They belong to Australia and they make various scuttling, scratching and ripping noises. Possums usually move around at night because they are nocturnal, so it is crucial to perform Possum Removal from Ceiling for a peaceful sleep. 

In addition, they make heavy whipping movements across the ceiling or roof, and these movements sound just like that of an elephant walking on the ceiling. Possum spices are known for their aggressive noises, and sometimes it’s also possible that one hears a possum crying. 

Possum Noise In Ceiling What Sounds And Noises Does A Possum Make

What Does A Possum Sound Like On The Roof?

Possums are native Australian marsupials notorious for making loud screeching late at night. You can find them mostly in the urban area of Australia at night. People may hear the sound of their feet’s movement in their ceiling.

They also make hissing, growling and grunting noises. In addition, if you hear scratching noises, especially when the sound is so loud, like someone walking and sounds like thumping around the roof, it may be a sign that there is a possum.  In order to deter them, you can consider Humane Possum Removal Canberra as it is an effective method. 

How Do You Know That There Is A Possum On Your Roof?

Sometimes it may be possible that there is a mouse or rat on the roof, not a possum. This is why, firstly, make sure to check the footprints of the spices as it will help you to determine whether it is a possum or any other animal.

 Also, you can determine it with the help of their noises, as possums usually make a thumping or hissing sound so it is important to follow possum removal methods. While rodents may squeak or scamper, they often gnaw and chew on the insulation and timber. However, sometimes it may be difficult to make a difference, but if the sound is huge, it is a possum. 

The size of a possum is similar to a cat, and if you hear a louder noise, there are high chances that the possum is walking on your roof. The reason is that they are well-known for their louder sound, especially in the middle of the night. 

What Kind Of Noises Do Possums Make?

According to research, there are 18 different sounds which possums make, and some of them are:

  • Growling
  • Clicking
  • Grunting
  • Teeth-chattering
  • Hissing
  • Chirping

Apart from this, there are many other possum noises, and these sounds irritate people at night when they sleep. Sometimes, it may seem horrible that what creature is walking around at night on the roof and if you check, it is a possum. 

Which Animals’ Noises Are Similar To Possums?

Sometimes people may be confused about whether there is a possum or any other animal on their ceiling. As possums make loud scuttling, scratching and ripping noises, it is similar to mice and rats sounds. However, the only difference is that rats and mice sound much lessened than possums because larger animals create them. 

Can Possums Cause Damage To The Roof?

When it comes to possums, individuals usually irritate as they cause sounds at night and disturb their sleep. In addition, they can also damage the roof, break roof tiles, and chew on the electrical wires. So it is good for individuals to adopt Humane Possum Removal Canberra methods to keep them away. 

It is so expensive for an ordinary person to fix these problems. It may be possible that after repairing, they can again cause damage which is unbearable. Moreover, people usually want to get rid of possums in order to live peacefully and avoid additional expenses. 


People should know the possum sounds to determine their appearance on their roofs. Remember that they never stay in the same location for a long time as they are natives. Individuals should follow ways to encourage possums out of their roofs as due to their heavy movement; they can damage their ceilings.