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    We know you are waiting for a day when your home is free of any possums. Hence, Humane Possum Removal Canberra joins both its mission and vision to meet this simple need of yours. With experts in this field, our Possum Removal Canberra team works efficiently as their aim is to provide effective service. We also don’t just stop at providing satisfying results but step on our gear to only give perfect results to our clients.

    Therefore, when coming to the services, we are readily available for every kind of possum removal service. It may be pre-purchase inspection and control, emergency possum removal or even same-day possum removal. Moreover, to avail of all of these services, the team we send are licensed and accredited. So, for our help, dial us at 08 7184 0835.

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    Benefits Of Choosing Experts For Possum Removal Services

    Humane Removal

    Humane Removal

    Sometimes people lay traps on their own to trap the possums. However, without experience in the work, you may unintentionally kill them. So, it is a wise idea to call professionals to capture them. The processes a wildlife expert uses are humane and safe.

    Personalized Solution

    Personalized Solution

    Varying on the possum species, the possum trapper uses different solutions to acquire desired results. Therefore, based on a thorough inspection of the area, an expert comes with an effective plan and does possum removal.

    Ensures Your Safety

    Ensures Your Safety

    Possums move from one place to another in a very short time. So, the possum catchers will be highly trained to prevent possums from entering your home. Hence, hiring them would be the best help you can ask for.

    Saves Time

    Saves Time

    Experts have proper expertise and training when it comes to possum removal services. In general, just to find a possum, takes days, weeks and months. But with the help of experts possums will be easily detected.

    Repair Damages

    Repair Damages

    Once after getting rid of possums, you may notice some damages in your home. So, when you hire a company’s expertise, they will also properly handle these minor damages.

    Same Day And Emergency Possum Removal Services In Canberra

    There is not a day we go without taking any booking slots for the same-day service and emergency service; as we provide 24/7 booking availability. With genuine care for our clients, we came forward with a client-centric policy. In this policy, we try to meet as many needs of our clients as possible. So, be it for a need of emergency or same-day service, our possum catcher will be at your place the next day of booking. However, if you’re worrying that we take extra pennies for possum removal cost as you are available our emergency service, do not be. Miss nothing from regular possum removal!

    What Is The Effective Possum Removal Process We Follow?

    Property Inspection

    Did you notice the presence of a possum under your crawl space? Indeed, a crawl space can be a very good hiding spot to set up their homes. However, you are not sure if there are any more possums on your property? Possum Removal Canberra experts can help you by inspecting the area in detail. What we do as specialists in possum control service is to check for the signs of possum infestations and their severity. As possums have great eyesight, we make sure to not alert them. So, firstly we check for signs of droppings, even tufts of fur and half-eaten fruit in outdoor areas. Only after that do we check indoors for specific signs.

    Live And Dead Possum Removal Procedure

    One of our specialties is we do both live and dead possum removal services from your places for Canberra and its suburbs. On inspection, if we find possums living in any burrows, our Possum Removal Canberra makes sure to capture them carefully. But in case, if we find a dead possum, mostly seen in plain areas, we have a separate possum catcher for getting rid of them. However, if yours is a place infested with both live and dead possums, do not worry to contact us to avail of our possum removal service. Because only after a thorough inspection of the area, we will tailor a treatment plan.

    Post-Inspection And Preventive Measures

    As a part of possum pest control, we conclude the treatment with post-inspection and preventive measures. So, first of all, we check if the possum entry points are sealed properly along the floor walls and nearby trees. This is to make sure to keep away the possums’ entry into your home at any cost. And for preventing measures for possum control, our possum trapper will also let you know some very useful tips. They may be such as keeping floodlights facing dark areas, and keeping garlic and naphthalene in kitchen corners. In addition to this, clear out the leftover food of your pets.

    We Remove Possums From Both Homes And Business Entities

    When the problem with possum control comes, our Possum Removal Canberra team doesn’t kill them or forcefully remove them. Instead, we catch and trap them with extreme care to not hurt them in any kind of way. In this way, we make sure to balance our job in providing both residential and commercial premises; when it comes to possum pest control services. In fact, we send veteran experts to heavy public areas such as hospitals, private homes, manufacturing industries, shops and malls. For places such as homes, we have different teams of local possum trappers and possum catchers. Call us for more details!

    Book A Slot With Us Today In Entire Of Canberra Area

    In conclusion to the possum control Canberra services, we provide our different kinds of services to suburbs of Canberra too. The list of suburbs we provide our services in Canberra is Gungahlin, Majura, Molonglo Valley and Woden Valley. In addition to this, we get back to you on a single call from Jerrabomberra, Tuggeranong, Western Creek and former suburbs. In fact, each of these suburbs is further divided between 8 and 25 more suburbs and we go there too. What methods do we follow for a home in Majura? The process of getting rid of possums accounts to both infestation severity and the climatic conditions of the play to stay.

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