Found Possum Scratches On Roof? – How to Scare Them Away?

There are many repellents, pest control products and traps to stop possums from getting on your roof. If there is a possum on your roof, then there are chances of scratching, screeching and scampering their feet across the ceiling. 

They can damage one’s roof, so people must follow some crucial ways for Humane Possum Removal Canberra. However, possums don’t harm humans but can cause property damage. They usually move around at night and make loud sounds, which annoys people. There are some best ways to get rid of possums that people must follow.

Found Possum Scratches On Roof How to Scare Them Away

Remove access to dwellings and food

Possums usually look for a place where they can find shelter or food. Therefore, people must remove food and dwellings in order to prevent possums from coming around to their roofs. In addition, you can buy animal-proof garbage cans to keep away these pesky marsupials. 

Another way is to block potential dwellings to stop possums from getting on the roof and causing scratches on it. Remember, possums usually come in urban areas and are native animals in Australia, so people can consider Humane Possum Removal Canberra to stop them. When they do not find animal dens or tress hollows to stay in, they choose to make a hole into walls, sheds and attics. 

Individuals should install wire mesh skirting or wood to block extra gaps in order to prevent them from burrowing into their roofs. Make sure you repair all holes and seal all possible ways to enter them in the house, especially on the top. 

Large pets

Possums are natives who generally spend most of their time avoiding predators. In addition, potential predators involve cats and dogs. So, if you stop possums from entering your roof or house, make sure you keep any cat or dog around your home. If the animal is big, there are more chances to stay away from possums in the house. 

However, a concern of many people is their pet’s safety; after all, they keep them in front of possums. But they don’t need to worry about them as possums don’t fight with other animals or humans; they just want to walk around the roof in the middle of the night. In addition, pets control is also a great way to deter possums from entering home. 

There is a lesser risk that they can harm the pet. However, it is the pet owner’s responsibility not to provide food to their pets when possums are around, as they crave food, so they may try to get it. 

Ammonia or bleach

Both ammonia and bleach have unpleasant and sharp smells, which can prevent possums from coming into the roof. In addition, one can splatter either ammonia or bleach on the surface of a house or shelter. Keep in mind; perform this task carefully as they can harm the skin as are made from chemicals that can cause respiratory issues. It is advisable that you never use both at the same time because they have an adverse effect when you mix them. 


Installing a higher fence is a great solution to avoid the problem of possums, and also this method is not harmful. However, most of all, possums usually spend more time off the ground. In addition, semi-abnormal possum’s species want to live in the trees. So it is good to install small fences and it is a great option for Humane Possum Removal Canberra. 


It is important to follow the best ways to avoid possums getting into your roof. The reason is that they can cause damage to the roof, and people have to spend a large amount of money to fix the problem. Following the above-mentioned ways can prevent them from entering their home’s roof.