How To Stop Possums Running Along The Fence

It is necessary to prevent possums from running along the fence. People should follow effective ways to stop them. In addition, people can leave chemicals across the fence to perform possum removal. Many people install fences outside their homes so that possums can’t come inside their homes or roof. But possums may try to run along the fence, which can be harmful to them. You can also use different types of possum removal spray available in the market to stop possums.

How To Stop Possums Running Along The Fence

Use Fish Oil Spray

Possums typically hate the smell of fish oil, and it is one of the best ideas to stop them from walking around the fence. In addition, spray the fish oil around the surface area of the fence in order to deter them.

But first, it is essential to know how to make it, so firstly, use 1 liter of water and mix it with half a cup of fish oil. After that, use this mixture with the rose shoots to make a powerful smell of it. This way, you can prevent possums from entering the house’s fencing area. 

Pest Control

Regular pest control is essential in order to keep away the possums from the fence and stop them from running around it. Humane Possum Removal Canberra offers protection from possums, as they can cause property damage. As people use a fence in their house to keep possums away from it, but they walk around it to get into the house, in this situation, the possum removal method is a good idea. It creates a barrier to running along the fence. In addition, pest control includes various types; here are the main three kinds of it:

  • Physical pest control
  • Chemical pest control
  • Biological pest control

Make A Repellent From Molasses

Molasses is a powerful repellent against the possums; individuals should use it across the fence to deter them. In addition, you just mix the molasses with the water to make a light mixture. After dissolving it completely, put this solution in a bottle and spread it around the fencing area. When possums try to get into the fence and walk, they will run due to its smell as they don’t like it. 

Possum Spikes

Most people consider the cost-effective way, which is also useful to stay away from possums running across the fence. Possum spikes are one of the powerful ways to deter possums from climbing or running along the tops of the rails and fences. To stop the possums, it is necessary to make a fence off the limit with a spiked barrier. No doubt that possums are cute creatures, but they can destroy your house’s tiles and cause damage, so it is important to know the options for humane possum removal

Don’t Leave The Food Around The Fenced Area

One of the most crucial things people keep in mind is that they must not leave food around the fence. Possums like to burrow in the nest and trees; that’s why they look for a place where they get shelter and food. If they see the food around the fence, they surely try to run into it to get it. Therefore, it is good for individuals to keep away food across the fenced area. 


 Possums sound loud and can cause property damage, and people install fences outside their homes to prevent them from getting in. However, possums love the tree and nest areas, so individuals need to follow some effective ways to deter them from running along the fence. Humane Possum Removal Canberra is an excellent way to stop them as it provides a safe and effective way to deter possums. All the above options are the best that one can consider for getting rid of the problem of possums.